The Plaintiff Physicians

Here are the bios of the six physicians who are plaintiffs in the primary care suit against CMS and HHS. 

L-R: Bob Clark, Becca Talley, Paul Fischer, Edwin Scott, Rob Suykerbuyk, Les Pollard

Paul Fischer, MD started practicing family medicine as the only doctor in the farm community of Weeping Water, Nebraska.  Dr. Fischer moved from there to the Medical College of Georgia, where he led the research team that studied the influence of tobacco advertising.  This research lead to the pivotal study which showed that children as young as age five recognized the Camel cigarettes’ “Old Joe” cartoon character as well as they did Mickey Mouse.  In 1993, Dr. Fischer founded the CPC, a cutting edge primary care medical practice in Augusta, Georgia.  This practice now provides care to one fourth of that community’s population and it has led the national transformation of primary care in the areas of practice organization, physician payment, electronic medical records, and the development of a “medical home.”  Dr. Fischer is a member of the Institute of Medicine.  He spends most of his time caring for his patients

Robert Clark, DO is a first generation family physician from Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Clark started his Family medicine career in Fayetteville, North Carolina at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.  There, he was part of a program designed to grow primary care in the Fayetteville area.  In 1995, Dr. Clark joined the CPC in Augusta, Georgia.  Since then, Dr. Clark has maintained an active private practice while becoming heavily involved in the leadership of the CPC.  Dr. Clark became CEO of the CPC in 2004.  Under his leadership, the CPC instituted an electronic medical record system which links all of the CPC’s offices and imaging services.  Additionally, during Dr. Clark’s tenure as CEO, the number of physicians employed by the CPC has increased from 14 to 23. Pursuant to his continued belief in “comprehensive care for family practice,” Dr. Clark helped lead the CPC to become a certified Medical Home in 2010.

Leslie Pollard, Jr., MD grew up in Augusta, Georgia, and knew from the time his grandmother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma that he wanted to become a physician.  Dr. Pollard determined that he wanted to become a family doctor in order to provide care for entire families, from the newborns to the adults.  Dr. Pollard places a high value on his ability to get to know his patients and the family dynamics affecting their care.  Dr. Pollard attended Xavier University of Louisiana for his undergraduate degree.  Dr. Pollard received his medical degree from Morehouse School of Medicine and completed his family medicine residency at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  After finishing his residency, Dr. Pollard wanted to be a small town doctor.  He started a rural solo practice in Statesboro, Georgia, where he became an active member of the community.  Dr. Pollard was a member of Rotary International and served as a board member to East Georgia Regional Hospital, Ogeechee Technical College, Bulloch County Board of Health and Ogeechee Area Hospice.  After 6 years as a solo practitioner, Dr. Pollard left his practice and joined the CPC.  Since joining the group, he has been medical director for his office and President of the CPC.  Dr. Pollard is currently the treasurer for the CPC.

Edwin Scott, MD was raised outside of Burlington, North Carolina, on his family’s farm.  Dr. Scott’s family has a long tradition of primary care as both his father and his grandfather were rural family doctors.  Dr. Scott attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he received his undergraduate degree in 1986 and went on to receive his medical degree in 1990.  He then spent three years in residency training at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia.  Except for one year during which he was in private practice in Hope Mills, North Carolina, Dr. Scott has practiced in Augusta since the end of his residency.  Dr. Scott is Board Certified in Family Medicine.  In his spare time, he is an avid mountain biker.

After attending college under the Army GI bill, Robert Suykerbuyk, M.D. earned a military scholarship to study medicine.  Dr. Suykerbuyk was the first member of his family to graduate from college.  Upon the completion of his medical degree, Dr. Suykerbuyk completed a Residency at Eisenhower Army Medical Center.  After his residency was finished, Dr. Suykerbuyk stayed on at Eisenhower Army Medical Center as teaching staff and helped train future family doctors.  Dr. Suykerbuyk was deployed in support of the war in the Balkans and later in support of the global war on terrorism.  He has earned several military awards for his service.  Dr. Suykerbuyk left active duty in order to join the CPC.  Since that time, he has helped establish a new CPC office in an underserved area of South Carolina and has worked successfully to transition the CPC from paper charts to a fully integrated lab, electronic patient communication, and electronic medical records system.  Currently, Dr. Suykerbuyk is a Lt. Colonel in the medical corps of the Army reserves and has a busy home life with his wife and five kids.

Rebecca Talley, MD has always had roots in family practice.  Her father was the family doctor for a small town in North Carolina and Dr. Talley worked in his office most of her life, working her way up from wallpaper hanger to physician’s assistant.  Dr. Talley attended Wake Forest School of Medicine, spent her residency years in Pittsburgh, and returned to the south to join the CPC in 1999.  Since then, Dr. Talley has worked full-time at her practice which involves caring for patients in the office and at nursing homes.  Dr. Talley has special interest in women’s health and is certified in bone densometry.  Additionally, she serves as medical director for her office.  Dr. Talley’s husband is also a family physician and they have a daughter, who does not yet work in her office but probably will someday.


2 Responses to The Plaintiff Physicians

  1. Lee Gross says:

    Godspeed. I would encourage you to consider reaching out to Docs 4 Patient Care, the real voice for physicians.

  2. Susan Hawn MD says:

    Have donated via PayPal.
    Read about this via Sermo.
    With you all the way.
    Susan Hawn MD
    Jefferson, GA

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